Australian High Commission
Republic of Maldives

Passport Services

Customers who have been issued with a 10-year Australian passport since 2006 or who are applying for a child passport will be able to upload their application via the Australian Passport Office website.

In order to use this digital upload function, you must:

  • be located in Maldives and have a delivery address in Maldives
  • have held a 10-year Australian Passport since 2006; or
  • be lodging an application for a child

If you do not meet the above criteria, this option is not available to you, and you must lodge your Australian passport application in person at your closest Australian Embassy, Consulate or High Commission.  As the High Commission in Maldives are unable to process passport applications, the closest High Commission is in Colombo, Sri Lanka.  Please visit Passport Services for Australians in Maldives for more information.


For customers in Maldives who meet the above criteria, follow the steps below to lodge your passport application:

  • Complete the application form online
  • Upload the application form, supporting documents, digital photo and credit card payment authorisation
  • Payment is taken by Credit Card only, in AUD (Australian Dollars)

Once your digital application is being assessed (note this may take up to 4 days), you will receive an email from [email protected] to finalise the payment authorisation.

You will also be contacted if:

  • the application is for a child
  • additional documentation is required
  • there is a problem with what you have submitted
  • you are not eligible for this service

Once your passport has been finalised it will be sent directly to the Australian High Commission in Maldives for collection or onforwarding to your nominated address in Maldives.

Please note that if your delivery address is not in Maldives, the new upload function will not become available at the application stage.

Please refer to the Australian Passport Office  website for current processing times.

If you face any issues when completing the passport application or during the account registration process, please contact the Australian High Commission in Colombo.